AlphaPoint.Me is a video-based online education program that enhances student wellbeing and resilience.

 Our mission is simple: promote resilience among student populations.

 The programs utilize an engaging, online video series designed to optimize success and minimize attrition. We exist to ensure that no life is wasted and every student has the opportunity to flourish.

AlphaPoint.Me addresses the core areas in a student’s life to promote resilience.

The goals of this comprehensive program revolve around balance, wellness, diversity, relationships, and community. AlphaPoint.Me is a 90-minute program for incoming students that assists in meeting Title IX, Clery Act, and EDGAR Part 86 requirements. Customizable interfaces, assessments, and content delivery will create a unique opportunity for each school. The program utilizes an engaging online video series, including interactive modules, which optimize learning and behavior change. The content is created by a consortium of professors, scientists, and practitioners, with direct experience working with collegiate populations and numerous peer-reviewed publications in their respective fields.

Topics covered include:

Mental Health

Common Mental Health Concerns

Suicide Prevention Factors

Skill Building for Wellness

Eating Disorders

Relationships & Sexual Assault

Sexual Harassment

Unhealthy Relationships

Positive Relationship Building

Communication Skills


Race and Ethnicity

Sexual Orientation

Socioeconomic Status

Cultural Sensitivity


Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol Use

Marijuana Use

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Other Addictive Substances




Electronic Etiquette

Local Resources

AlphaPoint.Solutions is an online intervention program for college students who experience difficulties or violate school policy. The Solutions portfolio extends upon the AlphaPoint.Me series providing a science-based remediation tool. Our video-based Solutions program provides all of the necessary components for several critical areas including:

Relationship Solutions

(90 minutes)

The Relationship Solution addresses sexual assault, dating violence, and teaches healthy interpersonal skills.

Balance Solutions

(90 minutes)

The Balance Solution focuses on alcohol and drug consequences, motivates behavior change, and provides the tools to enact a healthy lifestyle.

Diversity Solutions

(90 minutes)

The Diversity Solution focuses on tolerance and acceptance of diverse populations including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and socioeconomic status.

Founded by professionals, backed by science.

Designed by individuals who know students, know their issues, and know how to provide you solutions.

Kitty Harris Wilkes, Ph.D., LCDC, LMFT

Dr. Kitty Harris Wilkes serves as President of NLW Partners, which is dedicated to consulting, education, science and research for addiction recovery. She is a noted author and public speaker, and presents at national conferences, workshops and seminars on topics including adolescence; substance abuse prevention; addiction and recovery; and communication, civility and leadership.

Jared P. Dempsey, Ph.D.

Dr. Dempsey is the Vice President of NLW Partners. He holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, as well as a clinical residency and post-doctoral specialization in addiction science from the Medical University of South Carolina. He has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles on addiction and has served as an expert reviewer for some of the top addiction journals.

Development Team:

Teresa Albizu, Ed.D.
Higher Education Leadership
R-A Pinnacle Group


 Nicholas Bowman, Ph.D.
Collegiate Diversity
Social Psychology
University of Iowa


Gerardo Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychology
JFK University

Brandon Bergman, Ph.D.
Alcohol and Drugs
Clinical Psychology
Harvard University


Gill Reyes, Ph.D.
Mental Health
Clinical Psychology
Tulalip Tribes

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